Thursday, 18 June 2009

Bead Jewellery: Dead or Alive?

or Are There Too Many Bead Jewellery Ranges?

Well, eventually it had to be asked. With so many ranges jumping on the "bead jewellery" bandwagon it was only a matter of time! The answer is YES.. and NO! To paraphrase someone else; not all things are created equal. Let me explain:

At Nicholson's Jewellers, when we first started thinking about bead/charm jewellery - about 2 years ago now - we rejected other brands because their name was either ugly (and faintly insulting) or it didn't conjure up a pleasing mental image. Choosing Lovelinks by Aagaard was so easy: the name says it all - you love links.

Why Do YOU Choose Lovelinks?

And what a choice you have, some might say too much! Yes, we can all get a bit confused about how to start, which link to choose, etc. but at Nicholson's Jewellers we think that's half the fun (and if you still want some help, read my blog
The collecting bit appeals to us because we can choose our theme based on favourite colours, animals, places visited. Received as a gift, Lovelinks can have even more significance. For example, the "Well Done" charm for someone who has passed an exam, the cake to celebrate a birthday or wedding, the cocktail glass for a milestone birthday (or as a reminder of a hen weekend?)

Lovelinks are perfectly placed for the economic downturn too. We all love a treat and with Lovelinks from just £5.95 we can treat ourselves as often as our finances allow.

Who do WE Choose Lovelinks?

So, that's Lovelinks from a customer's perspective and just in case any of you are interested here's Lovelinks from Nicholson's Jeweller's perspective:

Lovelinks are produced by Danish jewellery firm, Aagaard, who have a great reputation, not to mention a large share of the Danish jewellery market. Aagaard's silver jewellery ranges have been well known for many years and Lovelinks is its most recent range. So, as a stockist Nicholson's Jewellers were happy to have a relationship with an established manufacturer who has a team of in-house designers and who can handle quality control and marketing so efficiently.

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