Thursday, 31 December 2009

New Year Witchery

What a year! Nicholson's Jewellers' website is just a year old and I can now bore for England on google ranking, search engine optimisation, social networking and html colour codes. But, seriously, I've had a wonderful time meeting new people via the website, courses I've attended and new customers visiting the shop in Ilkley after viewing the website.

And, to round off 2009, today I've met a witch - yes, honestly. Well, at least a witch's grand-daughter - though I'm convinced she has witchy potential too. She told me all about her opal ring changing colour depending on her mood. Now, of course, as a jeweller I have heard this before but have never actually seen it or had anyone own up to it. I still haven't seen the colour change as Mrs. Witch was apparently calm and friendly today and the opal remained a lovely bluey/green but she told me, and her husband attests to this, the opal becomes pinkish when she's roused (aroused?) - it didn't seem polite to enquire further. So impressed was I with this tale, and thinking it only fair to give the old OH a bit of notice with my mood swings (30 years married and he still has to ask?), I considered getting an opal ring for myself - something big and flashy with a diamond or two thrown in. Then I remembered Lady Penelope and her article on unlucky opals Read it and you'll see what the problem is. Of course, don't let that put you off but after such a great year I don't want to risk it. After all, despite what others might say - I'm not a witch. Although, there is something about witches toes - but that's a story for another day.

I'll sign off 2009 wishing all our friends and customers a very Happy and Healthy New Year.

Friday, 18 December 2009

Watch Out - Discounts About

Christmas is just around the corner and, if you're anything like me, it's probably taken you by surprise. Although goodness knows why -it's not as though the date changes every year! At least the old me was disorganized. In contrast, the new me had the Christmas cards written, and posted, at the start of December, the presents are bought and wrapped, the turkey is on order, menus have been planned and visits from relatives happened last weekend. Which is just as well as I'm typing this in snowy Ilkley and I don't think that my Newcastle based brother and family would have made the journey this weekend.

The thing is, though, that after all this organisation I'm left with the nagging thought that there's something, or worse, someone, that I've missed off a list or two. If you are bothered by this too have you thought about a watch?

Traditionally, watches are a good fall back option and do seem to be a typical Christmas present. At Nicholson's Jewellers we've been stocking Breil Milano watches for a few years now. Italian styling at its best, Breil watches are designed for men and women and are available with either a leather strap or a metal bracelet strap. Some of the Breil watches are set off with diamonds whilst others are chronograph styles for those who like lots of dials and things (some people, but not me, even know what all the dials do!)

As a design led watch brand, Breil Milano will be introducing new designs next year and, as special website promotion, we are currently offering 20% discount on our normal retail prices of current Breil Milano watches that we have in stock. Quite a few have already sold and stock is limited.

Head on over to the website soon and there's still time to get your Breil Milano watch to give as a Christmas gift, or to treat yourself, in time for Christmas.