Monday, 25 May 2009


The diamond set Palco watch by the Italian wrist watch firm, Breil Milano, is in stock now at Nicholsons Jewellers. The Palco, combining Italian flair with Swiss watchmaking expertise, is the star of Breil Milano's new watch collection for 2009, placing Breil in the must-haves of designer timepieces and seen on the wrists of Hollywood stars Charlize Theron and Edward Norton. See the diamond set Breil Palco and supporting case of the Breil Milano show in-store at Nicholsons Jewellers.

Friday, 22 May 2009



Fresh from those wonderful Danish Designers, Spinning Jewelry UK arrived at Nicholsons Jewellers recently and has already caused a stir in those who appreciate Scandinavian designs, appearing to be quite popular with the Lovelinks Lovers - another Danish Design. For those who have yet to become addicted, Spinning Jewelry is a fashion forward concept aimed at those who value their individuality. Spinning Jewelry is unique - in fact, it's just like you. The collection of Spinning Jewelry silver rings are designed to be "mix and match" by wearing several together. The appeal of Spinning Jewelry lies in its ability to unleash your creativity and flaunt your originality, whether that means pretty and dainty, with just one or two Spinning Jewelry rings, or bold and dramatic with as many as you can wear. The sterling silver Spinning Jewelry rings are available in 50 or so designs and are set with cubic zirconia, diamonds, pearls, coral or onyx. Some are engraved and others are enamelled. The more you wear the more the possible combinations of ever-changing Spinning Jewelry rings you will have and, at prices of £17.00 & £27.00 each or £65.00 if set with a diamond, you really can be an addict. Become a collector: buy any six Spinning Jewelry rings and receive a seventh from the £17.00 collection as a reward*. Just ask for a Collector's Card and have it stamped each time you buy. You don't have to buy them all at once but you do have to buy them from the same jeweller (well, why go anywhere else?).

*Choice subject to availability.

Thursday, 21 May 2009

Ted Baker at Nicholsons Jewellers

Ted Baker watches are no ordinary designs, they're right on-trend and they're here at Nicholsons Jewellers. Choose from styles with leather or metal straps, chronographs or crystals. Affordable new styles for both men and women to make summer 2009 your most stylish yet.

Wednesday, 20 May 2009


So, now there are "parties" for selling your old, unwanted or broken jewellery?
But why share your windfall with your party hostess?

Sell to Nicholsons Jewellers and the amount you receive STAYS WITH YOU. Nicholson's have been buying broken chains, odd earrings and other jewellery for years. We can use YOUR GOLD in our Jewellery Workshop. You can settle for direct payment or you can USE YOUR UNWANTED JEWELLERY IN PART-EXCHANGE. In fact, you can earn you MORE MONEY IN PART-EXCHANGE. You don't have to do the part-exchange right away either. We'll give you a voucher to use anytime in the future so you get the advantage of today's high gold price and then take your time deciding which new piece of jewellery you are going to treat yourself to.

Nicholsons are different; we don't automatically regard all of your jewellery as "scrap". As renowned stockists of second-hand and antique diamonds and jewellery we search far and wide for our Client Enquiry List. If you have second-hand or antique pieces, in good condition, we may be able to offer a "piece price".

Remember, your unwanted jewellery could well be someone else's must have.
Click the link below to see if you have what our clients want.

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Lovelinks - How Do They Work?

With hundreds of Lovelinks it's hardly surprising that some of us feel a bit overwhelmed - although that's usually short-lived once we get the hang of it. I thought I'd write a short(ish) "How to" guide as I get asked this question quite often in our shop

What's Right; What's Wrong?
Firstly, there is NO right or wrong.

What Length of Bracelet Should I Choose?
Choose a bracelet slightly longer than you would normally; the more links added the tighter the fit. I know everyone says they'll only want "a few" but almost everyone ends up with a full bracelet (or two). My own bracelet is 20cm (my wrist is 15cm) and has 12 Lovelinks Murano glass links and 9 "spacer" links and fits comfortably.

What sort of links:
Silver, gold-plated, murano glass, pendants - no rules here either. Some women have a silver theme going, maybe as a reminder of places they've been, such as a koala bear, the Eiffel Tower, Viking longship. Another theme has been high heels, handbag, cocktail glass and pram - draw your own conclusions about that one!

What colour should I choose?
Your favourite or favourites! perhaps choose some go-with-anything-colours plus a few you can change to match different outfits. Depending on your choice of colour, your bracelet will look fun and funky or tasteful and elegant.

So you see it really is easy. Just start buying, choose the links you love and you won't go wrong.

One more thing: Don't be disappointed if you have a Pandora or Trollbead bracelet. The clever designers at Lovelinks have made sure these lovely Lovelinks will fit both Pandora and Trollbead bracelets (and they normally cost less!).

Happy Lovelinks Bracelet Building.

Friday, 1 May 2009

Lovelinks Jewellery

It looks as though summer might be on its way! I'm thinking of all the lovely summery, mediterranean colours in our Murano Glass Lovelinks and the different look our Lovelinks bracelets can have depending on the colours used.

The cobalt blues and turquoise certainly set off the summer brights that are in fashion now and really stand out against our favourite white linens (sun keep shining please!). If brights aren't your "thing", then how about something a bit more subdued but none-the-less striking? I'm going to make one up using the gold/black/brown colours. I think it'll look great with all the natural colours and, let's face it, we'll probably all still wear a bit of black or brown whatever the weather.