Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Lovelinks - How Do They Work?

With hundreds of Lovelinks it's hardly surprising that some of us feel a bit overwhelmed - although that's usually short-lived once we get the hang of it. I thought I'd write a short(ish) "How to" guide as I get asked this question quite often in our shop

What's Right; What's Wrong?
Firstly, there is NO right or wrong.

What Length of Bracelet Should I Choose?
Choose a bracelet slightly longer than you would normally; the more links added the tighter the fit. I know everyone says they'll only want "a few" but almost everyone ends up with a full bracelet (or two). My own bracelet is 20cm (my wrist is 15cm) and has 12 Lovelinks Murano glass links and 9 "spacer" links and fits comfortably.

What sort of links:
Silver, gold-plated, murano glass, pendants - no rules here either. Some women have a silver theme going, maybe as a reminder of places they've been, such as a koala bear, the Eiffel Tower, Viking longship. Another theme has been high heels, handbag, cocktail glass and pram - draw your own conclusions about that one!

What colour should I choose?
Your favourite or favourites! perhaps choose some go-with-anything-colours plus a few you can change to match different outfits. Depending on your choice of colour, your bracelet will look fun and funky or tasteful and elegant.

So you see it really is easy. Just start buying, choose the links you love and you won't go wrong.

One more thing: Don't be disappointed if you have a Pandora or Trollbead bracelet. The clever designers at Lovelinks have made sure these lovely Lovelinks will fit both Pandora and Trollbead bracelets (and they normally cost less!).

Happy Lovelinks Bracelet Building.

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