Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Opals Are A Girl's Worst Friend?

Just a short post today, more of a postette, but I had to share this with you about opals. Continuing with the nostalgia theme, I was ferreting through my girlhood Christmas annuals (I know, but it was a rainy day) when I came across some opal superstitions in my Lady Penelope Fab Club annual - a gift from my parents Xmas 1968. Yes, I am that old. So with acknowledgement to Lady Penelope, here goes:

Alphonso XII, King of Spain, gave his wife a priceless opal on their wedding day: she died shortly after. Before the funeral Alphonso gave the opal to his sister - she dies a few days later. He then gave the opal to his sister-in-law - dead within three months! Rather bravely, or some might say foolishly, Alphonso decided to wear it himself in a determined effort to prove the opal was not fated and, yup! you've guessed it he died shortly after. On his death the opal came into the possession of the Queen Regent who, rather than risk a premature death, hung the jewel around the statue of the Virgin of Almudena in Madrid.

Lady P goes on to give the recipes for Toffee Apples and Baked Alaska Slices with Nuts. If you really want them, contact me.

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