Saturday, 4 July 2009

Are You Wearing Your Jewellery?

I heard somewhere the other day that there has been an incease in the number of websites selling second hand wedding dresses and I thought "what a good idea". After all, what bride wears the same dress to her next wedding (!) and I briefly thought about selling second hand wedding dresses myself; well, we do sell second hand diamond rings as engagement rings. The rationale was: buy the engagement ring, buy the wedding dress. It would be one less thing to think about after all when planning a busy wedding. It was only the thought of running a second website and all the blogging and social networking that goes with it that brought me out in a cold sweat and stopped me dead in my tracks.

This recycling of wedding dresses did set me thinking about recycling jewellery though. We all have jewellery that doesn't see the light of day; things we've fallen out of love with or that's out of style (all that yellow gold for a start!). And that's the question: Are you wearing your jewellery? or is it stuck in a drawer somewhere? Maybe it's still on your insurance policy? Shame on you: you are paying out money to keep jewellery in a drawer that you no longer want or wear. Why! Did you know that jewellers who specialize in second hand and antique jewellery and diamonds might be interested in buying from you? Jewellers, like ourselves, who have jewellery workshops are not even bothered about the condition - it doesn't matter we can use your odd earrings and broken chains to carry out repairs or make other items (recycling see?).

If we think we can resell your jewellery we will offer a better price. Of course, you don't have to take the money. You can part-exchange your jewellery for something that appeals to you more (again, recycling).

So, dig it out, bring it in and get yourself something new to wear.

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