Friday, 4 September 2009

What a Fabulous Scarf!

or, The Importance of Accessories

Isn't it true that when we wear a fabulous outfit - stylish, great colour, exact fit - we have the wind taken out of our sails by the number of people who admire the scarf we've added almost as an afterthought. Well, maybe that just goes to show how important accessories can be in the making or breaking of an outfit. And the same goes for a fabulous piece of jewellery. If you want to make an impression say, at an interview or business meeting, a piece of statement jewellery can be an important part of your armoury. We all go to social events where we hardly know anyone at all and a well chosen piece of jewellery can be a great ice-breaker. For me, that means either my large stainless steel collar that has not failed to draw comments and requests to try it on!

Those blessed with a long neck can usually get away with any sort of necklace, a chunky choker or a long dangly chain. The secret is to keep it bold as long necks can look a bit "unbalanced" with anything delicate, so really go for it with something eye-catching - bearing in mind the neckline of the top. And be careful of a bold necklace and earrings worn together; we want to be remembered in a "good way". Short necks, on the other hand, suit the delicate choker style of necklace as they don't take up too much space between chin and chest!

Earrings & Brooches
Earrings, something I can't do without. I've been wearing earrings so long I feel naked without them - star shaped diamond studs since you ask. Chandelier or stud styles are ideal for long faces but, if you have a short neck, avoid earrings that dangle towards the shoulders. And don't wear dangly earrings if wanting to look professional, go instead for a marvellous bracelet or, if you wear a suit for work or interviews, a stunning brooch and keep the dangly earrings for a night out. Yes, I know few people wear brooches these days but that's the point! We want our jewellery to make an impression for us and say something about our style - and a brooch doesn't have to mean fuddy-duddy. This one is a beautiful Edwardian brooch set with square cut sapphires and seed pearls. Very elegant.

Big hands, big rings. It's true. A small dainty ring on a large hand just gets lost whereas something big and bold looks fabulous. How many rings to wear? Well, one great ring is worth more than 3-4 mediocre ones.

This is certainly chunky; it's a large faceted quartz and silver ring from Luxenter - a new collection at Nicholson's Jewellers.


Small, delicate wrists are for small delicate bracelets; big wrists, big bracelets. A bracelet worn with a watch? Well just be careful as one will damage the other. A bracelet constantly moving over the watch face will scratch the glass, wear a leather strap and scratch a metal strap. A bracelet on each wrist? Victorian women used to wear a bracelet or cuff on each wrist (and, admittedly, it does still look stunning today) but Victorian ladies didn't wear wristwatches! So, if you must wear a bracelet or bracelets on each wrist - lose the watch, or do as the Victorians did and wear a pretty pocket watch. They don't have to be kept in a pocket, they can be worn on a chain around the neck or on a pin as a brooch.


Small, delicate and feminine or chunky and modern. With styles by Breil and Ted Baker you can have both and make different impressions for different occasions. If you want to get noticed or be remembered (like at the important interview) an on-trend chunky watch is just the thing. And for a dinner date, something delicate, perhaps with a mother-of-pearl face, would be the right choice.

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